Samtal við Samfélagið – Argentina and Icelanders in the University of Iceland

Today we invite a guest from Argent­ina to our radio podcast. Pro­fessor Enrique del Acebo discus­ses

the ongoing cooper­ation between uni­versities in Argent­ina and uni­versities in Iceland. This

relations­hip inclu­des stu­dent-teacher exchange, con­fer­ences, work­ing group meet­ings, publications,

film festi­vals and art shows. In a con­versation with Helgi Gunn­laugs­son Pro­fessor of Soci­ology at the

Uni­versity of Iceland, Enrique informs us about these act­i­vities and also what charact­er­izes Iceland

and Iceland­ers in compari­son to Argent­ina and Argent­ini­ans.